julio 03, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Dialogs & Beyond project launch by Enrique Domingo

Dialogs & Beyond. A new market research agency is born, focused on the most recent areas of innovation.

With headquarters in Madrid, Dialogs & Beyond combines the push of a new company, with global reach, thanks to exclusive international partnerships, as well as leadership in the most cutting edge areas of market research: Mobile Research, Applied Neuroscience, Marketing and Innovation Consultancy and Expert Qualitative.

Madrid, June 2014. Dialogs & Beyond is born with the aim of leading a new era of dialogue with consumers for the strategic management of brand experience. Based on carefully selected partnerships, its specialized services include: Mobile Research, Applied Neuroscience and Strategic Marketing Consultancy for brand growth, and with the innovative stamp of Dialogs & Beyond, Expert Qualitative Research and online Advertising Effectiveness.

Enrique Domingo is at the forefront of this new project where he heads the Marketing and Innovation Consultancy unit. This follows on from his period as CEO of Synovate (Iberia and Latam) and comes after performing the merger between Ipsos and Synovate in Spain. Two partners join him in the new project: Ximena Sapaj in Expert Qualitative Research and Applied Neuroscience, and César Rodríguez in Mobile research/Customer Experience Management.

Dialogs & Beyond partnerships in Iberia:
  • Mobile Research unit, headed by César Rodriguez: “One Point Global”, worldwide leader in this sector.
  • Applied Neuroscience and Expert Qualitative unit, headed by Ximena Sapaj: “eValuatebyWhy5 Research”, worldwide leader in motivational analysis.
  • Marketing and Innovation Consultancy and Brand Growth unit, headed by Enrique Domingo: international consultancy “Sevendots”.
According to Enrique Domingo, “After years at the forefront of leading multinational research companies and being in permanent contact with the challenges of top management and global brands, we have decided to develop those areas in which there are changes that are completely turning the industry around. To give form to such changes we have reached exclusive agreements for the Iberian Peninsula by carefully weaving a global partner network, each one being leader of its particular sector, thus molding under the umbrella of Dialogs & Beyond” a collaborative offer which is unique in Europe.

According to César Rodríguez, partner in the new company and visible head of One Point Global in Spain: "One of the areas with most potential and growth is research through mobile devices.
The world is already mobile; we all use Smart phones, Tablets and Wearables. Inexorably mobile research is changing the market research sector with astonishing speed. It’s not the future anymore, but rather the present”. He says: “brands are asking us for all kind of research services through mobile devices, due to their low cost, high effectiveness and the possibility of being able to get feedback in real time, as well as being able to adapt to the customer’s particular circumstances, now being totally multi-channel, with emphasis on speed, personalization and participation in surveys which live up to what the technology is capable of”. Rodríguez adds: “There’s no sense anymore having 20’ paper questionnaires, waiting weeks until fieldwork ends or measuring elements such as delayed recall. For this reason we have become associated with the worldwide number one company in Mobile Research, our exclusive partners in the Iberian Peninsula: One Point Global (www.onepointglobal.com). They bring us their experience of having carried out more than 30,000 projects in 74 countries since 2006, offering Mobile Research services to some of the biggest and most prestigious global market research agencies. We are already working in Spain and Portugal on some projects for leading brands in the telecommunications, FMCQ, banking and retail sectors”.

Ximena Sapaj, who heads Expert Qualitative explains: "for this unit we have partnered with the Why5 team (www.why5.com), as experts in applied neuroscience and motivational analysis, so that we can help brands detect the keys in the mind and we can understand and explain the neurological reactions to the stimulus by measuring brainwaves using the eValuate solution".

Referring to the new relevance of qualitative research, Ximena adds: "we are living in a reality that is being transformed; technology has changed consumer geography and the way that the consumer/user/customer relates to products and brands. That is why qualitative research has become even more relevant. We need to dialogue with the new consumer and understand the new context. We have rethought the techniques to define the optimum design and we have launched a study called DialogesXpress. Having our own panel we are able to launch quick questions about specific issues, inviting different customers of the same category o participate. This gives us tactical and operative information to enable to take quick decisions, periodically and in the most economical way”.

Ximena Sapaj also says: "Dialogs & Beyond has another tool of its own; DialogsMobile, that combines the best of Qualitative Research with the benefits of mobile devices to measure “inthe-moment” experiences. This is rendered possible through an integrated connection with different stakeholders: clients, employees and groups of interest. It is a short survey which is limited to asking only what is considered significant and relevant, without falling into redundancies that might tire or bore the consumers being surveyed, hence destroying the quality of the information collected".

At Dialogs & Beyond we believe that the "magic" of knowing how to listen and the “art” of knowing how to ask questions return to being the centre of a dialogue. We provide the market with effective dialogue platforms with stakeholders. Using the best combination of new technologies and Traditional Research, we are able to discover dialogues that exchange relevant meanings, which we can help to improve to make them more effective so that employees can focus more every day on their customers since they will know what it is that they have to do to be able to improve results.


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